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 April 12, 2003, Washington DC - Michael Boyle proposed to his girlfriend Katy DeMinico just before 12 noon in Red Square (the main quadrangle) on Georgetown's campus.  Boyle took the approach of creating two giant signs measuring just over 17 feet wide and 4 1/2 feet tall to surprise his girlfriend of over 6 years.  

The signs consisted of 900 quarter sheets of blue and gray paper spelling out "Katy will you marry me?"  Five years earlier Michael and Katy had put together similar signs for their friends John Glennon and Austin Martin who were running for student government office at the time.  This time around, Glennon and Mike Pacella put the signs together and Rory Conway and Zia Faruqui helped them in hanging the signs. 

There were many witnesses to this special moment in their lives, including a tour of approximately 40 prospective students and their parents who gave them a round of applause. Students who had been camping out for over 3 weeks in protest of US involvement in Iraq were also on hand for this event, and when asked if he ever expected to see something like this when camping out, one of the protestors responded "No way. It's so exciting!"

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Below are two photos of the happy couple shortly after their engagement. 


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