Boyle or O'Boyle is one of the fifty most common surnames in Ireland.  In Irish the name is O'Baoghill thought to be connected to the Irish geall meaning pledge.


In the Middle Ages the family were powerful, sharing control of the entire northwest of the island with the O'Donnells and the O'Dohertys and the strongest association of the family is still with Co. Donelgal where Boyle is the third most numerous name in the country.


The majority of those bearing the name are of Gaelic origin but many Irish Boyles have separate Norman origins.  In Ulster a significant number are descended from the Scottish Norman family of de Boyville whose name comes from the town Beauville in Normandy.  The most famous Irish family of the surname were the Boyles, Earls of Cork and Shannon, descended from Richard Boyle who arrived in Ireland from Kent in 1588.


Family Motto:  Dominus Providebit (God will provide).


Crest:  Oak Tree and Leaves, Acorns (Antiquity and Strength).  Helmet (Wise defense) and Heart (Sincerity, truthfulness, charity).  In Ireland the Oak tree was the most noble of the Chieftain trees.


Colors:  Gold (Generosity) and Green (Hope, loyalty in love).